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Herbs and Minerals

Everyday Plant Medicine

12PM CST (GMT-6)


In this class you will learn:

What is plant medicine and what makes a plant medicinal?
How to incorporate plant medicine into your daily life - safely and sustainably
What plants you can easily grow, find, or buy (no matter where in the world you live)

The Top 10 herbs that you should have on hand to support the health of you and your family

I want you to come out of this class feeling excited about the plants you have learned and ready to implement them
into your daily life.

Because plant medicine is the people's medicine! 


I promise you don't need any fancy equipment or training to start using these beautiful medicinal plants today.

I hope to see you there!

Herbs and Minerals


What other folks have said about Emily's classes

I would highly recommend Emily's classes for anyone that wants to learn about the plants growing beneath their feet! Emily generously offers her knowledge and experience with medicinal herbs to those of us starting on our own plant path journey!

  • Angie

 I can identify more plants and I have more confidence with using plants for medicine.

  • Faye

I feel confident that I can identify and use the plants we learned about, and it gives me a new appreciation for the land we live on to see how many healing plants are all around us. I will definitely attend other sessions

Emily is a fun and engaging teacher, sharing enthusiasm for plants, great at answering questions. 


  • Anna

Herbs and Minerals
Emily 2019 (2).jpg

Hey, I'm Emily!

And I'm stoked to get to chat to you about plant medicine. 

I'm a Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist with 13 years of experience. 

I run a clinical practice where I see lovely humans one-on-one, do research and writing work for a herbal medicine company, run workshops (face to face and online), and am mama to a squirrely toddler named Ivy, who is #namedafteraplant.

If you have any questions for me about this class (or anything, really), please sing out! I'd love to hear from you.

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