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The best review :)

Hello lovely humans!

I just got the best review from a current client and because my website is weird I can't share the whole thing on my "testimonial" section without it cutting it off and doing weird formatting, but it is so beautiful that I thought it warranted a blog post.

In case you have been wondering about working with a herbalist (or maybe more specifically, working with me!) but want a little social proof that I work hard and care deeply for my clients, here it is.

Thank you so much to the lovely Anna (who said I could use her name) for sharing this - it made me teary and I feel like it has been such an honour to work with you and look forward to getting you feeling better and better. :)

Working with Emily has been life-changing in a wonderful way. I have some chronic autoimmune issues, and had tried the approaches offered by both my family doctor and a specialist, but had not seen any improvement. I had tried to learn more on my own and make changes with some success, but tackling this stuff solo often feels overwhelming and confusing because there is so much information out there and it’s hard to know where to start.

With Emily’s support, I’ve been able to make and sustain some major changes to my diet and lifestyle, which yielded dramatic improvements within weeks. I started working with Emily when I was in a crisis - in terms of both my physical and mental health. Following her recommendations quickly showed dramatic improvements and I now feel so much better than I did before we started working together just a few months ago. I feel confident that I’ll to continue to heal in the long term with her continued support.

I highly recommend working with Emily. She is a great listener and supportive on every level - she has been willing to answer questions between appointments and to provide guidance on navigating the many changes I’ve needed to make. It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who has the skills to help you find healing and who cares so deeply about your wellbeing. It has been worth every penny and more to feel better and to know that I have such a wise and caring person on my team!  

--Anna B

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