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Mixing Organic Beauty Products

Everyday Plant

and get excited about learning how to make your own herbal medicines



$149 CAD

By the end of this course,
you will have:

Learned about 10 different herbs that can be turned into teas, oils, and ointments 

- Get to know 10 common plants that can be easily grown, found, or bought (almost no matter where you live)

- Select 3-5 plants that are *calling your name* to start working with on this course

Learned all about herbal medicine-making ground rules

- Growing vs wildcrafting vs buying herbs - rules and pitfalls

- Sustainability and how to avoid using endangered plant medicines

- Labelling how tos

- Info on the plants that we will be using for these classes - including what plants are good for teas vs oils vs ointments

- How to dry and store your herbs properly (so you don't get mold!)

- Where to get dried herbs if you aren't growing/foraging your own

- "Organoleptics" - using your senses to help you identify herbs and to assess their quality

- Making herbal tea blends from recipes

- Making a herbal tea blend for a specific person or issue

Created your own Herbal Tea blend
Made your own Herbal Infused Oil

- Learn how to choose the right plants for infused oils-

Making infused oils correctly (so you don't get mold!)

How to use an infused oil

Made your own Herbal Infused Ointment

- How to make an ointment (Never buy lipbalm again!)

- Using your infused oil in an ointment

- Essential oils for fun/therapeutic use

Bonus Content:

  • Plant Alchemy Equipment and Recipes pdf
    So you know exactly what you need to get started making medicines in your own home!
    Also contains a full step-by-step recipe for each week so that you can follow along


  • Medicine Making Journal
    Start your own medicine-making journey with this template designed to help you keep track of the plants as you learn about them, as well as the recipes that you make.


  • Source Guide pdf
    Can't go out and grow or forage plant medicines right now?
    Is it winter where you are? (me too!)
    This guide gives you a list of reputable places/companies to buy dried herbs from (Canada/US/UK/NZ - other countries available on demand!) as well as ideas of where to buy bottles, jars, bags etc

I want you to come out of this course feeling totally confident about turning dried plants into beautiful medicines that you can use in your daily life.



$149 CAD

Everyday Plant Alchemy takes your basic or beginner knowledge of just a few herbs and guides you through how to turn those plants into medicines that you and your family can actually use -
Every. Day.

Every time I chat to people about herbs that they could easily grow or access in the wild, I always get the same question:

But what do I DO with these plants?  

Everyday Plant Alchemy is the answer to that!

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in plants/herbal medicine but aren't sure where to start when it comes to making your own products

  • You want to dip your toe into the world of herbal medicine, are thinking about studying herbs but don't want to commit to a university level program yet

  • You just want to make amazing herbal products for yourself, your family, and your friends to support your health at home (hot tip: this stuff makes the best gifts!)

  • You want to level- up your DIY resilience in the event of the Zombie apocalypse ;)

Herbs and Minerals


What other folks have said about
Everyday Plant Alchemy

Hi love x LOVING listening to you and am so inspired!  I have many of those herbs in my garden - YES!  So I can totally do the first part with herbs from the garden which is wonderful and I have just put seeds down for coriander and other herbs. 


When I reached out to you, your course is exactly what I was looking for - even if I didn't know it at the time.  so THANK YOU!

  • Sarah - Everyday Plant Alchemy 2020 alumni

I wanted to learn how to properly dry my plants, and how to make the oils and creams. this class definitely delivered on that, everything was explained so that it was easy to follow. And some things got clarified for me, I was doing the drying stuff differently and it wasn't working very well for me. so this course helped lots.

There was also tons of helpful information on where to get the herbs and how to use them and for what. It was an amazing course and I cant wait for the next one!

  • Krystal - Everyday Plant Alchemy 2020 alumni

This was a fun and encouraging course. It wasn't overwhelming and made me realize how easy it is to make my own teas, oils and salves from ingredients out of my own garden. The fact that i get life time access to the course information is such an added bonus!

  • Melissa - Everyday Plant Alchemy 2020 alumni

Herbs and Minerals


Q: I don't know much about plant medicine - can I still take this class?

A: Absolutely! This class is meant to be for beginners who may not have a lot of experience with herbs. If you haven't already, I will recommend that you watch my Everyday Plant Medicine webinar (included in the course) as I go over all the plants that we will talk about in the course. 

Q: I can't grow/forage any herbs right now (ie: it's winter or that's just too much!). Will I still be able to participate in the workshops?

A: Yes.  I have included plants that are super easy to purchase. They are widely available at health shops all over the world.  I have included a pdf resources as a bonus that goes over where you can buy dried herbs (and other supplies)

Q: Do I need to purchase all 10 of the herbs for this class?

A: Nope.  You can get away with as few as 3 different herbs to be able to complete all 3 workshops! 
5 plants is probably ideal.  

In the welcome pack you will get a list of the herbs that you could use for each project. Some of them overlap (ie: we can use Chamomile for both a tea and topically). Choose which plants you want to use ahead of time based on what is available to you, what you want to make, and your budget. 

Q: How long are the classes? Are they live or recorded?

A: Each class is pre-recorded and the videos are under 15 minutes. The idea is that you create one project each week - so Week 1 you make your tea with me, Week 2 you make your oil, and Week 3 you make your ointment.

Week 1 is a bit longer as it also contains an intro video where we go over some of the basics such as where to source your plants from , and how to label them. 

There is also a 1 hour webinar which I have recorded which you will have access to that goes over all the plants that we will discuss in this class.  I recommend starting with that - especially if you are not super familiar with different medicinal plants. 

There will also be one live Q&A/Troubleshooting session during the live course where you can ask me questions and I can help you with any hiccups you run into. This will also be recorded in case you can't make the live times.

Q: I want to do this class, but can't start for a couple weeks. Can I buy it now and go through it later?

A: For sure!  Once you purchase the class you have access to it forever. When I run it live again you will be able to participate in that too.

Still not sure?

Contact me directly with your question and I'll be happy to answer it!


$149 CAD

Emily 2019 (2).jpg

Hey, I'm Emily!

And I'm stoked to get to teach you about plant medicine. 

My goal with this course is to help you learn to confidently create your own beautiful herbal medicines that you can use with yourself and your family. 

Because I too wanted to know what I could use if I was feeling stressed, or my guts were a bit wonky, or I started to come down with a cold.  

I wanted to know what I could use on my kiddo's bum and on little cuts and scrapes that was going to be both safe and effective. 

And I wanted to learn how to make these things myself because I knew that if people had been doing this since, like, forever, then I could probably do it too.

And the good new is - I can - and you can too. 


It is simpler than you think, and more rewarding than you can imagine.


I can't wait to see you in the course :)

Emily Boese (BNatMed, RHT) is a qualified Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist  with over a decade of experience, and currently lives in her hometown of Regina, SK, Canada.  She runs natural medicine workshops and seminars, does freelance writing for natural health companies, and runs a clinical practice with a focus on immune and digestive issues. She is also mama to a lovely little human named Ivy Simone.

Emily was the Research & Development Manager for a traditional plant medicine company in New Zealand, and has worked in many areas of the field of natural medicine, including formulating and producing plant medicines; educating retailers, pharmacists, and the public; customer service; technical support; copywriting; clinical practice; and the hard graft and humbling experience of working in a herb garden and hand-harvesting herbs for commercial use. She also worked as the in-store nutritionist at Choices Markets in Kelowna where she supported community programs such as Chefs in the Classroom and the Start Fresh Project. 

She regularly speaks and writes on plant medicine and whole foods nutrition.

Emily has been featured on Empire Radio Now, Kelowna Now’s In Focus, Healthpost (New Zealand), Best Health Magazine, Aromaculture Magazine, and CBC Radio. 

Mixing Organic Beauty Products
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