Meal Plan Programs

One on One Consults

Herbal medicine and whole food can make changes to your health that you might not have believed were possible. Let's work together.

Please note: Due to Covid-19 all consults are currently taking place online. 

Appointments are available Mon-Fri mornings.

Get in touch to book an appointment or if you want to see if I am the right fit for you and your health concerns.

Initial Consult &
First Follow Up


During our first appointment we will go through your health questionnaire, your food diary, and I will ask you a bunch of additional questions to get a really thorough picture of your whole health history. Come prepared to chat!

We will prioritize what aspects of your health you want to work on, and set some achievable goals.

After our first appointment I will go away and come up with an individualized plan to support your health goals and help get your body back into balance!

At your first follow-up appointment we will go over your health plan. We will talk about potential underlying causes or triggers for your health issues, and I will recommend herbs, supplements, diet changes, and lifestyle/emotional support as necessary. Everyone’s plan is different depending on your unique situation and needs!

Follow Up Consult


Follow ups help you track your progress and allow us to make tweaks as your health and life changes

Acute Consult


These 15 minute appointments are available for both new and existing clients.

They are designed to help with acute issues such as colds or flu, acute stress or flare ups in a chronic condition (ie: eczema, digestive flare, allergies).

Please note the cost of these appointments does not include herbs or supplements.

These appointments are NOT for you if you have a serious medical condition (and you are not currently a client) or you are on serious medication.  Please book a full consult for support with these issues. If you are unsure - please just get in touch!

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