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Freelance Writing

Educate your natural health customers and clients with clear, straightforward information.

Green Typewriter

Does your business need a writer who is knowledgeable about natural health, herbal medicine, or nutrition?

As a qualified Medical Herbalist with a background in English Lit (my first BA), and experience working as a contract writer for the natural health industry, I am the human for you!

I can help you with:

  • Blogs

  • Social media content

  • Website content

  • Email newsletters

  • Technical documents (ie: information on sales/product pages; info sheets for retailers; educational materials for the public, for your sales team, or for retail staff)

  • Articles for media, including ghost writing

My dream clients are ethical natural health brands who make high quality products, or natural health practitioners who are too busy being rad in their clinical work to put out a newsletter or a blog.

Check out my blog for examples of my own writing, and get in touch to see examples of contract work that I have done for other companies. 

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