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Māori noun - pōhutukawa 🗣
Metrosideros excelsa, Metrosideros kermadecensis, Metrosideros bartlettii  
Gorgeous trees found in coastal areas of New Zealand with sprays of large, red flowers.
Sometimes called the New Zealand Christmas tree as it flowers in December.
Herbal Medicine Courses & Consults

Helping you confidently learn to identify, grow, harvest, make and use medicinal plants

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Meet Emily Boese

Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist

Hey, I'm Emily!

I am a qualified Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine, and I am here to help you confidently learn to identify, grow, harvest, make and use medicinal plants!  Through workshops, seminars and courses, I want you to gain the confidence and knowledge that you need to support the health of you and your family with herbal medicine.

I also offer one-on-one health assessments and individualized treatments to help you get your health back on track.

I work with all sorts of health conditions but have a particular interest in digestive disorders and immune issues (chronic and recurring infections, autoimmune conditions). 

I love playing outside, growing and eating good food, and drinking a bit of nice wine or a good, hoppy IPA.  

I am originally from Saskatchewan but spent 12 years living in New Zealand, where I studied natural medicine at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.  Hence why my business is named after a NZ tree!

I am a Professional Member of the BC Herbalist's Association which ensures that clinical herbalists have appropriate levels of training, continuing education, and maintain a code of ethics. 

My approach to health is all about balance.

 Nutrition and natural medicine are incredible tools, especially for chronic conditions. But I am also endlessly grateful for modern medicine and technology.  So let's combine them, and get the best of both worlds!

Meet Emily

Pohutukawa Health

Emily Boese (BNatMed, RHT) is a qualified Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist  with over a decade of experience, and currently lives in her hometown of Regina, SK, Canada.  She runs natural medicine workshops and seminars, does freelance writing for natural health companies, and has a clinical practice with a focus on digestive disorders and immunity issues. She is also a mama to a lovely little human named Ivy Simone.

Emily was the Research & Development Manager for a traditional plant medicine company in New Zealand, and has worked in many areas of the field of natural medicine, including formulating and producing plant medicines; educating retailers, pharmacists, and the public; customer service; technical support; copywriting; clinical practice; and the hard graft and humbling experience of working in a herb garden and hand-harvesting herbs for commercial use. She also worked as the in-store nutritionist at Choices Markets in Kelowna where she supported community programs such as Chefs in the Classroom and the Start Fresh Project. 

She regularly speaks and writes on plant medicine and nutrition.

Emily has been featured on Empire Radio Now, Kelowna Now’s In Focus, Healthpost (New Zealand), Best Health Magazine, Aromaculture Magazine, and CBC Radio. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Nutrition and Herbal Medicine?

It can help with


IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, or random pain, bloating and weird bowels - gut health is at the root of it all.

Sleep & Fatigue

Not sleeping well at night or tired all day for an unknown reason? Let's figure it out.

PMS, heavy bleeding, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility issues, menopause. We've got food and herbs that can help.

Women's Health
Immunity, Allergies, Autoimmune Support

Dealing with chronic or recurring infections? Want to support your body so that you don't get sick as often or as severely?  Or maybe you are dealing with allergies or autoimmunity.

There are so many ways that nutrition and herbs can help both preventatively and acutely. 

Skin Health

Our skin is often the first thing to show problems when internal issues are brewing. Nutrition & plant medicine can offer real solutions. 

Stress & Mental Health

There are so many contributors to stress and mental health issues - let's dig into ways we can support you without the overwhelm.



I would highly recommend Emily's Herb Walks for anyone that wants to learn about the plants growing beneath their feet! Emily generously offers her knowledge and experience with medicinal herbs to those of us starting on our own plant path journey!

— Angie 

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306 - 450 - 5118

Regina, SK, Canada

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